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Ski & Snowboard Tuning & Repair

Your Snow Sports Service Expert

Let our team of ski and snowboard techs help you get the most out of your equipment this season. Well maintained bases, edges, and wax selection are a key ingredient to maximizing your fun on the slopes. Regular waxing, edge sharpening / de-burring and base inspection should be done after every few days on the mountain to ensure consistent glide, reliable edge grip, and predictable performance. Visit us today to learn more from our experienced ski and snowboard technicians.

Ski & Board Services (September - May)

We offer comprehensive options to help you keep your snow equipment in excellent condition. When you bring your equipment to us, we'll examine your edges and base structure and provide you with a free estimate of recommended work. We strive to complete your ski and board service quickly and accurately so that you can get back to the slopes with gear that is tuned to perform exceptionally in your preferred conditions.  Remember, not all service centers are the same.  Stop by and take a tour of our facility.

Tuning Brought to you by Montana Sports Tuning Technology

See Our Equipment Below

Standard Tune 

Stone grind

Edge bevels 

(Standard: 2° edge & 1° Base)

Wax application

Bases hand brushed and finished

*Excess rust removal may incur additional $10 fee*


Worldcup Race Tune

Stone Grind (race structure)

Sidewalls Pulled and Shaped

Edges Beveled and Set to customer preference

Ceramic edge finish

Infrared wax and hand brushed

*Excess rust removal may incur additional $10 fee*


Snowboard Tune

Belt Grind

Edge Bevels Set

Wax Applied


Junior Tune (125cm and under)

Belt Grind

Edge Bevels Set

Wax Applied


Season Tuning Packages (September - May)

Individual Tune Package

Up to 2 pairs of skis

1 service per week

Additional pairs of skis 89.95


Family Tune Package

Includes 2 family members

Up to 3 pairs of skis

2 Services per week

Additional family member $169.95


Individual Race Tune Package

4 pairs of skis

Comprehensive race service

Includes a full race prep of each ski

Additional pair of skis $119.95


DPS Phantom


Full Treatment

We offer the dps phantom permanent wax-less glide system. This process adds a water repellent finish to the base of any ski or snowboard- one treatment will have a permanent glide finish that will last for the life of the skis.

Learn More Here


Step 1:  We clean the bases of the skis with a citrus based wax remover

Step 2:  We apply the cure station formula evenly to the base of the skis

Step 3:  Your skis go into our cure station for a curing cycle that involves heat and specific light spectrum

Step 4:  We brush out your skis to complete the DPS Phantom finish

The entire DPS Phantom process takes approximately two hours from start to finish.  After being cured your skis will have a permanent glide finish that will last for the life of the skis.

Are Your Binding Still Safe? 

*Not all bindings can be adjusted or mounted due to manufacture indemnification.*

And what is Indemnification? In short, it means the manufacturer will "support" the certified technician in the event of legal action. 

Does non-indemnified mean that the binding is no longer usable? Yes but Not entirely. It just means you do so completely and totally at your own risk.

Why do you care if a binding is still indemnified? Because if you buy skis with non-indemnified bindings, you probably won't find a shop willing to adjust them for you.

Feel free to bring your equipment by so that we can check to see if your bindings are up to date with current manufacturer specifications.

A La Carte

A La CartePrice
Machine Wax$10
Infrared Wax / Hand Iron Wax
Base Repair (per inch)$10
Repair Labor (per hour)$60.00

Binding ServicesPrice
Binding Test/Adjust$30
System Mount/Test
Drilled Binding Mount (without purchase)$65
Drilled Binding Mount (with purchase of skis & boots)

Turn-around timePrice
Next day- Rush Fee (Tune or Mount + Fee)

Contact us to discuss your ski or board service today.

Robotic Tuning Technology: Montana Sports Crystal One

The Crystal One provides us with the ability to control grind pressure, pattern, and finish in a way that far surpasses older manual methods.  Robotic tuning technology does not replace an experienced technician, but provides a more consistent/predictable platform for an experienced technicians to take tunes to a new level.  Check out the video of our machine at work. 

Infrared Waxing Technology: Montana Sports Race Waxer

The Montana Race Waxer is the tried and tested waxing method from the ski racing world which fulfills the highest demands. It provides better and more durable gliding characteristics. The applied wax is heated evenly and without contact by means of infrared – this allows gentle, homogeneous and deep penetration of the wax without condensation production. 

Binding Safety Testing:  Montana Sports Jetbond M

One of the most important pieces to a great day of skiing is safe equipment.  This is where the Jetbond M binding test machine comes into play.  The Jetbond M tests all of the release values of your bindings and ensures that they are in proper working order.  We recommend that you have your bindings adjusted and tested at least once a season.

DPS Phantom Wax-less Glide: Cure Station

Over the past few years DPS has been developing permanent glide solutions for skis.  The future of waxing is now here!.  DPS Phantom is a cured solution that is permanent.  Once completed your skis will glide regardless of conditions and without additional waxing.

Gear Up for the Slopes

Refresh your essential snow gear while you're getting your skis or snowboard ready for the season. We have an excellent selection of helmets, goggles, and more from top brands. Shop online and pickup your items for free on your next shop visit.