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Custom Boot Fitting and Footbeds- Schedule your fit appointment and scroll down for details below

Our expert boot fitters can customize your boot fit to solve any comfort and alignment problems.  Using the latest in boot fitting technology, a new level of skiing comfort and performance can be achieved.  We have a combined 25 years of custom boot fitting experience servicing recreational to professional athletes.  Our method of fitting involves finding out the exact needs of a boot fit for each customer before recommending any product.





Boot Fit Guarantee

Boot fitting is all about customer experience and results.  If our recommended fit does not meet your needs for any reason, we will work on the boots until they fit correctly, or your money will be refunded in full.


Sidas 3D Scanner Fitting Analysis

We utilize a full complement of Sidas fitting tools to offer the most comprehensive boot purchasing experience in New England.  The analysis process determines your foots exact needs to achieve the best performing fit profile.  Check out this video to see some of the cutting edge technology that we use.

Sidas 3d Fit Analysis:  $200 (credited toward the purchase of any recommended boot)

If you purchase your boots from us the Fit Analysis is free of charge!


Footbeds and Liners

Custom Footbeds:  Starting at $150.00

Custom Foamed Liners (with foamed tongue):  Starting at $400


Shell Services

Boot Fit Analysis:  $55.00

Shell Shaping:   Starting at $25.00 per spot

Shell Grinding:   Starting at $20.00 per sq inch


Race Service

Complete Race Fit:  Starting at $250 (Includes canting and lifters)

Canting:  Starting at $150

Free shipping on orders above $79
We Price Match
Speak to an expert: 978-339-5375