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Blizzard Zero G 85

Blizzard Zero G 85
This item is currently not available.


At 85mm underfoot, the Zero G 85 is slimmer and lighter than the other skis in this collection, making it ideal for adventures that require a longer skin out or for skiers wanting to pick up the pace. For a ski of this width and minimal weight, the downhill performance is still solid, thanks to Carbon Drive 2.0 and Blizzard's Austrian engineering. The Zero G 85 is fixed on supporting everything from your next epic mission, to crushing vert and distance, to knocking out your uphill fitness workout.


- Construction Sandwich Compound Sidewall (Carbon), Carbon Drive Technology 2.0
- Rocker: Tip-Tail Rocker
- Factory Base Bevel: 0.9° -/+ 0,2°
- Factory Side Bevel 87.7° (Tol.-/+ 1.5°)